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Cell Phones

Over the past few decades, mobile phones have gained greater and greater popularity. Nowadays it’s rare to meet someone who doesn't have a cell phone—so why should you be without one?

As more and more people use cell phones to function every day, being without a cell phone becomes a liability, not a source of peace. At Bates Electronics, however, we understand that different people need different kinds of cell phones in Ada, OK. That’s precisely why our cell phone store offers such a variety of options.

From our comprehensive coverage plans to our hugely different array of phone options, our cell phone store is able to provide customers with the mobile phones they need. Not everybody needs a smart-phone; not everybody needs to use text messaging. But at Bates Electronics, anybody can walk in and leave with a cell phone that meets his communication needs.

Mobile phones are your link to the globe and its wonderful people. To learn more about our cell phones or to browse through our selection, call or visit us today.